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Leadership Capital

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Archie L. Jones Jr., Excerpt from The Treasure You Seek

Leadership Presentation

Leadership has nothing to do with title, status, or seniority.

Archie L. Jones Jr., from The Treasure You Seek: A Guide to Developing & Leveraging Your Leadership Capital

About Leadership Capital

At NxGen COACH Network™, leadership is not about being anyone’s “boss” - it is about influence and achieving goals through collaboration. Leadership Capital is a dynamic practice area that empowers you to drive change, regardless of your role. Our framework, focused on the 5 Cs - Capability, Culture, Communication, Connection, and Confidence, equips you with tools to effectively grow and leverage your existing resources. Whether you are leading a small community organization or global corporation, Leadership Capital is your catalyst for success.

The Five Cs

Tools to capture and leverage your leadership capital.

Your Specific Values & Unique Lens


Know Your Superpower


Ask For The Order


The Answer Is
In Your Network


Courageously Venture Into The Unknown


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